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manArend Isaac Keesje - Engelander‏‎
Born ‎1869 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎after 1890 Amsterdam, Netherland‎, at least 21 years. Son of Isaac Keesje and Gesina Engelander

Married to:

womanClara Benedictus Stodel/ Sla‏‎
Born ‎1 Sep 1862 Amsterdam,Netherland, died ‎23-4-1943 Sobibor-Biala Podleska, Poland‎, 80 or 81 years, ‎1st marriage to: Joseph Jacob Schaap/ Dingsda, ‎2nd marriage to: Arend Isaac Keesje - Engelander. Daughter of Benedictus Jacob Stodel/ Kabelja and Marianne Slap/ Scheffe


manIsaac Arend Keesje - Stodel‏‎
Born ‎26-10-1888 Alkmaar, Netherland‎
manBenedictus Arend Keesje - Stodel‏‎
Born ‎11-5-1890 Alkmaar, Netherland, died ‎23-4-1943 Sobibor-Biala Podleska, Poland‎, 52 or 53 years