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manGideon Tertaas‏‎
Born ‎15-1-1901 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎1- Sep 1942 missing in holocaust‎, 40 or 41 years

Marriage/ Related to:

womanHeintje Piller/ Wertheij‏‎
Born ‎12-9-1903 Amsterdam, Netherland‎, died ‎ missing in holocaust. Daughter of Hartog Piller/ Snoe and Bertha Wertheijm/ Voge


manMozes Tertaas/ Pille‏‎
Born ‎25-10-1922 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎30-9-1942 Auschwitz-Biala Podleska, Poland‎, 19 or 20 years