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manArthur Troostwijk/ Dessaue‏‎
Born ‎23-2-1893 New Haven, Conn. U.S.A., died ‎3- Feb 1965 Miami, Fla. U.S.A‎, 71 or 72 years. Son of Izaak (Isidore) Troostwijk/ Turksm and Ernestine (Erna) Dessauer Lisberger

Marriage/ Related to:

womanBertha Magid Horowitz‏‎
Born ‎14-6-1903 New Haven, Conn. U.S.A., died ‎5- Jan 1995 Upper Montclair, New Jersey‎, 91 or 92 years. Daughter of Abraham Joseph Magid and Dora Horowitz


womanRita Dawn Troostwijk/ Magi‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
womanLois Joy Troostwijk/ Magi‏ PRIVACY FILTER