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manHijman Tukkie/ Wallac‏‎
Born ‎18-6-1864 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎9- Aug 1938 Amsterdam, Netherland‎, 73 or 74 years. Son of Mozes Tukkie/ Goudsmi and Heintje Wallach/ Furt

Married to:

womanLeentje Cohen/ Er‏‎
Born ‎14-2-1865 Utrecht, Netherland, died ‎16-11-1934 Utrecht, Netherland‎, 68 or 69 years. Daughter of Samuel Israel Cohen and Betje Ert


womanHendrika Tukkie/ Cohe‏
Born ‎26-12-1901 Utrecht, Netherland, died ‎27-2-1940 Amsterdam, Netherland‎, 38 or 39 years