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manGerardus Koster‏‎
Born ‎13-8-1897 Rotterdam, Netherland, died ‎1- Mar 1925 Delft, Netherland‎, 27 or 28 years. Occupation: Dock worker

Marriage/ Related to:

womanSophia van Dam/ Trom‏‎
Born ‎29-10-1894 Groningen-Groningen, Netherland, died ‎27-5-1977 Rotterdam, Netherland‎, 82 or 83 years, ‎1st marriage/ related to: Gerardus Koster, ‎2nd marriage/ related to: Arnoldus Kooke. Daughter of Levie Andries van Dam - Muller and Frouktje Tromp - van Beever