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manAlbert Kanis/ Mulder Cante‏‎
Born ‎5- Apr 1898 The Hague, Netherland, died ‎9- May 1945 Central Europe‎, 47 years. Son of Barend Bernhard Kanis - de Leeuwe and Fina Eva Mulder Canter - Schweiger

Marriage/ Related to:

womanWilhelmina Helena Paulina Tertaas‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


womanFina Eva Kanis/ Tertaa‏ PRIVACY FILTER
womanRebecca Kanis/ Tertaa‏
Born ‎10-2-1921 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎18-8-1993 Hoorn, Netherland‎, 71 or 72 years