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manAbraham Roodveldt/ Engelschma‏‎
Born ‎18-11-1914 Amsterdam, Netherland, died ‎1- Jul 1942 Neuengamme‎, 27 or 28 years. Son of Mozes (Izaak) Roodveldt/ Lisse and Heintje Engelschman/ Rodrique

Marriage/ Related to:

womanJohanna Aleida Nosseler‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


womanHeintje Roodveldt/ Nossele‏
Born ‎7- Apr 1936 Hilversum, Netherland, died ‎25-4-1996 Baarn, Netherland‎, 59 or 60 years
womanGezine Johanna Roodveldt/ Nossele‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER