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womanJosina Davids Kalf/ Kolthof‏‎
Born ‎17-6-1821 Langezwaag-Opsterland,Friesland,Neth, died ‎26-12-1845 Haskerland‎, 23 or 24 years. Daughter of David Jozephs Kalf/ Lev and Duifje Taube Benedictus Kolthoff

Marriage/ Related to:

manLevie Jozefs Messcher/ Lev‏‎
Born ‎12-5-1817 Nijehaske‎, ‎1st marriage to: Suusje Cina Izaaks Cohen/ Cohe, ‎2nd marriage/ related to: Josina Davids Kalf/ Kolthof. Son of Joseph Salomon MesscherMeskers/ Cohe and Saartje Samuel Levi/ Moze