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manJoseph Levi Kalf‏‎
Born ‎before 1755, died ‎1780‎, at least 25 years

Married to:

womanFogeltje Feigele Levi/ David‏‎
Born ‎1758 Noordwolde-Groningen, Netherland, died ‎18-10-1840 Opsterland, Friesland‎, 81 or 82 years, ‎1st marriage to: Joseph Levi Kalf, ‎2nd marriage to: Benedictus Pinchas Michiels Schaap. Daughter of Levi Yehuda Levi and Golde Davids


manLevi Leib Jozephs Kalf/ Lev‏‎
Born ‎19-5-1780 Kortezwaag, Netherland‎
manDavid Jozephs Kalf/ Lev‏
Born ‎24-9-1784 Kortezwaag, Netherland, died ‎3- Jan 1859 Gorredijk-Friesland, Netherland‎, 74 or 75 years
manMozes Jozephs Kalf/ Lev‏
Born ‎25-12-1786 Gorredijk-Friesland, Netherland, died ‎29-5-1867 Opsterland, Netherland‎, 80 or 81 years