manAron Jacob Elzas - Mozes‏‎
Born ‎before 1800, died ‎before 23-11-1828‎. Son of Jacob Marcus and Kaatje Mozes

Marriage/ Related to:

womanHanna Antje Levie Cohen - Mozes‏‎
Born ‎7- mar 1800 Alkmaar, Netherland‎, ‎1st marriage to: Jacob Berend Vriesman - Levij, ‎2nd marriage/ related to: Aron Jacob Elzas - Mozes


manJacob Elzas - Cohen‏
Born ‎1821 Alkmaar, Netherland‎
manIsaak Elzas - Cohen‏
Born ‎30-11-1824 Alkmaar, Netherland, died ‎10-5-1874 Alkmaar, Netherland‎, 49 or 50 years. Occupation: Dealer

2nd marriage/ relation
manAron Jacob Elzas - Mozes‏‎

Marriage/ Related to:

womanHester Abrahams van Embden‏‎
Born ‎before 1800, died ‎before 10-10-1819‎