manDaniel Abrahams - Jochems‏‎
Born ‎22-3-1795 The Hague, Netherland, died ‎17-6-1854 The Hague, Netherland‎, 58 or 59 years. Occupation: Litographer, Director Queens printer. Son of Machiel Abrahams Daniel Abrahams and Hester Isaac Jochems - Jacobs

Married ‎4- jun 1823 The Hague, Netherland (30 or 31 years married) to:

womanReeltje Heijmans‏‎
Born ‎2- aug 1791 Poppenlauer Beieren, Germany‎, ‎1st marriage to: Daniel Abrahams - Jochems, ‎2nd marriage to: Jacob Salomon Hollander