womanElisabeth Alter/ van den Ber‏‎
Born ‎25-7-1867 The Hague, Netherland, died ‎20-9-1922 The Hague, Netherland‎, 54 or 55 years. Daughter of Alexander Alter/ Cosma and Dientje (Dina) van den Berg/ van Crevel

Married ‎6- jun 1906 The Hague, Netherland (15 or 16 years married) to:

manJacob de Liema/ Koekoe‏‎
Born ‎27-9-1867 The Hague, Netherland, died ‎21-5-1943 Sobibor-Biala Podleska, Poland‎, 75 or 76 years. Occupation: Store attendant, ‎1st marriage to: Elisabeth Alter/ van den Ber, ‎2nd marriage to: Esther Hijmans/ Alte. Son of Salomon Jacob de Liema/ Hammelber and Judith Koekoek/ He