manSalomon Isaac van Creveld/ Hijman‏‎
Born ‎11-2-1896 The Hague, Netherland, died ‎27-9-1961 Amsterdam, Netherland‎, 64 or 65 years. Occupation: Export attendant. Son of Isaac van Creveld - van den Berg and Hendrika Hijmans - Alter

Married ‎4- mar 1925 The Hague, Netherland (35 or 36 years married) to:

womanJaantje Bobbe/ Poon‏‎
Born ‎21-3-1898 The Hague, Netherland‎, died ‎ Amstelveen. Occupation: Modiste, office clerk. Daughter of Mozes Bobbe/ Turksm and Grietje Poons/ Lor


womanHenny Esther van Creveld/ Bobb‏
Born ‎after 1-1-1900‎
manMosche Joseph van Creveld/ Bobb‏
Born ‎19-9-1931 Bandoeng, Indonesia, died ‎4- jan 1991 Naarden, Netherland‎, 59 or 60 years